VALØR [val-er]​

meaning: boldness or determination in facing great danger, especially in battle; heroic courage; bravery:

"Resilience in the face of adversity"

For us here at Valor Vegan, we understood the challenges that we had to face to bring about the positive change the world needed. There would be an uphill climb with a lot of resistance along the way, changing the perceptions of peoples minds would be no easy task and thus the word Valor was best for our mission. Courage.

our mission >

Though it may seem like a mission impossible, our mission is simple, bring plant based alternatives to conventional food products that are harming the planet and animals. Cruelty is not needed to indulge into an ice cream or devour a delicious crispy waffle with all the toppings!  

If we are going to offer an alternative that was better for the planet and the animals, it had to also convince your taste buds. Through the power of research, development and patience we promise to never compromise on taste. 

< our promise

our values >

  • customer satisfaction
  • leading innovation
  • our environmental impact
  • non GMO
  • high quality, cruelty free products