Get to know some of those important questions.

We officially founded our company in 2019.

Our headquarters is based in the U.K, we ship our products worldwide, please contact us to see if we can ship to you. 

Absolutely, before our products hit the market we ensure all our certification is in place. 

You can write to our registered office at: 70 High Street, Gravesend, Kent, DA11 0BH or you can send us an email to

Yes we do, however there may be restrictions to shipping to your country so please do get in touch to ask if we can ship to you.

We will never use genetically modified ingredients in our products, this is important for the future of the planet.

Indeed! We do a lot of research in to the best way to package our products so they have minimal impact on the environment.

Actually, they are even better! We are perfectionists here and are always finding ways to improve our products but we believe you will love our products, plus, unlike their conventional counterparts, they are better for you, the animals and the planet.

All of our products available for retail can be found in our online Shop, if you are looking for larger quantities of our products you must visit the products wholesale pages or click here to get in touch for more information.

“Vegan Flavourings” means this is a way to protect our precious recipes from being stolen and replicated, our flavourings are integral to our products being unique. Our Flavourings do not contain allergens.